Loire-Atlantique: she celebrates her 50th birthday at the restaurant, she is struck by other customers

The three young women ended their evening in police custody at the La Baule police station ©Frédéric PROT

Friday May 6, 2022 at 9:30 p.m., a police-rescue team intervened in a restaurant in Pornichet (Loire-Atlantique) for a fight.

A woman was celebrating her 50th birthday in the establishment run by her cousin when three young alcoholic women, aged 17 to 21, moved in nearby.

An insult, a slap and a blow

Faced with the behavior of the trio who “vociferated and threw shrimp chips at each other”, the new fifty-year-old asked that he make less noise.

The restaurateur ended up leading him out without serving him.

According to the police, one of the young women, residing in Donges and Trignac, would then have treated the fifty-year-old “whore” who would have responded by slapping her.

The one who was celebrating her birthday said that she was then hit and then fell to the ground, held by one of the young girls when the other two hit her again and pulled her hair.

In custody

The victim was taken to Saint-Nazaire hospital for examination while the trio was arrested and placed in police custody at the La Baule police station.

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“Everyone admitted their share of responsibility, except for one of the young women who had gone out on the phone at the time of the altercation. »

Police district of Saint-Nazaire / La Baule

One came out of the police station with a criminal composition for violence while intoxicated, a classification without follow-up was pronounced for the other two.

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