LIVE – World Cup 2022: The Fifa rankings have fallen, Morocco makes a spectacular leap

The Fifa rankings have officially dropped

It had been calculated by some media, but this time it’s official: the Fifa rankings have dropped. Despite Argentina’s World Cup win, Brazil retain their number 1 spot ahead of the Albiceleste. France wins a place to go back on the third step of the podium.

Morocco, a semi-finalist in the World Cup, makes a spectacular jump from 22nd to 11th place.

Neymar back to PSG, also Marquinhos

Neymar and Marquinhos are back at PSG, the Parisian club announced on its social networks this Thursday. The day after Kylian Mbappé’s express return, the Brazilians therefore resume. Brazil was knocked out of the World Cup by Croatia in the quarter-finals.

Martinez repeats his obscene celebration with the Mbappé doll

‘Dibu’ Martinez made an impression during the World Cup final in Qatar. By his stop and by his behavior after the title of Argentina. Even after his return to Buenos Aires, the goalkeeper repeated his obscene celebration with the Kylian Mbappé doll.

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Top 15 in the FIFA rankings

If it is not yet completely official, the FIFA ranking has already been calculated by several media outlets. The body will confirm this Thursday that Brazil remains in first place, now ahead of Argentina, the recent world champions. The French team wins a place, with Morocco climbing 11 places to 11th place.

1- Brazil 1840 pts

2- Argentina 1838 present

3- France 1823 pts

4- Belgium 1781 pts

5- England 1774 present

6- Holland 1740 pt

7- Croatia 1727 pt

8- Italy 1723 pts

9- Portugal 1702 pts

10- Spain 1693 pts

11- Morocco 1672 pt

12- Switzerland 1655 pt

13- United States


15- Mexico

“Shameful and undignified”, Jean-Michel Larqué laments the behavior of the Argentines

Consultant at RMC, Jean-Michel Larqué deplores the behavior of Argentine players and supporters since the victory in the World Cup and in particular with regard to Kylian Mbappé: “Who would not be shocked? It is shameful and undignified from the normal side. people. It would have been shameful , if the Argentinians had lost, but it is even more because they won. What message do they have? It is a violent, violent hatred with low-level arguments. The example comes from above and from the moment that we sanction not the example that coming from above, with the gesture of Emiliano Martinez (on the podium), who in his great kindness tried to console Mbappé after the match…

How do you go in front of someone to comfort them and do it from behind? On the FIFA platform, when with the golden hand of the best goalkeeper, he puts it on like a penis and thrusts his pelvis with an air of saying “I put your trophy where I want it” … No one says or does anything. It is dirty and vulgar. There is no one from Fifa who reacts, who takes the trophy from him, opens an investigation. If the best player in a tournament that I organize does that when I give the trophy, he will have a bad time. It is a vulgar Manneken Pis. It is frightening.”

Like Mbappé, Hakimi is already back in PSG training

Four days after Morocco’s defeat in the minor final in the World Cup against Croatia (2-1), Achraf Hakimi was back in PSG’s training center on Wednesday. The Parisian stamp thus imitates Kylian Mbappé, who also recovered when he could have benefited from additional days off.

Mbappé is (already) back in training for PSG

Two and a half days after France’s defeat in the World Cup final against Argentina (3-3, 4 losses to 2), Kylian Mbappé was already back in PSG’s training center on Wednesday morning. A video posted on the capital club’s social networks shows Qatar’s World Cup top scorer (eight performances) smiling.

But this visit to the training center is not just a courtesy visit. According to PSG, Mbappé will resume sessions this Wednesday.

Messi didn’t notice that Dibu Martinez was holding a baby Mbappé

The video went viral in connection with the jubilant scenes that surrounded the celebration of the coronation of the Argentines in Buenos Aires. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was presented with a Mbappé doll by Argentina supporters as they tried to make their way through the crowd on a double-decker bus. Next to him was Lionel Messi, Mbappé’s teammate at Paris Saint-Germain. The French supporters did not fail to emphasize the attitude of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, who did not seem particularly bothered by this new provocation. Olé understands that the Albiceleste’s number 10 had not even noticed this famous doll in the arms of “Dibu” Martinez.

Scenes of jubilation in Rabat for the reception of Moroccan heroes

The Atlas Lions were celebrated as heroes in the streets of Rabat this Tuesday, for their return to the country after their fourth place finish at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The players paraded in a bus before heading to the Royal Palace.

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Moroccan players decorated by the sovereign Mohammed VI

After their historic career in the World Cup, the Moroccan players, as well as their mothers, were welcomed by King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace in Rabat. They were awarded the Order of the Throne in recognition of this historic achievement.

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