Lionel Scaloni lines up for Kylian Mbappé

L’Argentina crowned world champion, Kylian Mbappe still making headlines around the world. Author of a hat-trick in the final againstAlbicelestethe attacker PSG is also talked about through his resurgent commentary on South American football.

Last May at the microphone of the Brazilian media TNT Sports, Kylian Mbappe had made remarks to compare European and South American football: The advantage we have, the Europeans, is that we play each other with high-level matches all the time. When we arrive at World Championshipwe are ready where it Brazil andArgentina does not have that level in South America. Football is not as advanced as in Europe“. Words that resonate in the minds of Argentines, but also more generally in South Americans. Indeed, in the wake of the final in this WC 2022 won byArgentina, Arturo VidalChilean international, responded on social networks by referring to the words of Kylian Mbappe : ” Learn from those who invented soccer: South America. Don’t look for them or you will have ‘el cuco’ (a creature that comes to punish children who have misbehaved, ed. note)“. The goalkeeper forAlbiceleste, Emiliano Martinezhad also responded to the comments from number 7 i PSG : ” We play Bolivia to La PazEquator below 30 degrees, the Colombia where you can’t even breathe… They always play on perfect pitches, they don’t know what South America is. Every time we go to the national team, we are exhausted and we cannot train much. When an Englishman goes to train withEngland, he’ll be there in half an hour. Let them go Boliviain Colombiain Ecuador… We’ll see if it’s easy for them“.

Misinterpreted words?

At the end of this Global in Qatarthe argentinian coach, Lionel Scaloniwas also invited to respond to the statements of the tricolor striker: ” I do not want polemics with the question of Europeans and South Americans. South American football is at the top level. The South American teams are at the top level, they have players who play everywhere and it seems to me that the words of some players are misinterpreted there“, he declared, before continuing to defend the number 7 i PSG : ” When Mbappe said that, his words were misinterpreted for me because he plays with South American teammates and he understands that. It is a settled question. But I think there are times when you have to interpret the words and not get into the argument because I don’t think that’s what he meant at all“.

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