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As the year-end celebrations approach, Lidl had the great idea to crush Apple by cutting the price of their AirPods in half!

At this time of year, many people are looking for the right plan to save money. With inflation, the French budget is undermined. Fortunately, Lidl thinks of everything. The brand even released its own AirPods that compete with Lidls.

Half price wireless headphones

Food, textiles, home appliances and even high technology, nothing can resist Lidl. The brand does not hesitate to sell products that are more useful than each other to attract customers.

When Christmas approaches, the brand is also a real hit. She recently decided to put a pair of AirPods up for sale. So she competed with Apple with her pair of wireless headphones will definitely be a hit.

Exercising while listening to music and being able to answer calls hands-free while exercising or walking is a convenience that is not incompatible with cheap prices.

There are those who prefer more premium headphones. And those who only need simple models. Just like the one on sale in Lidl’s online store. As very often the mark was unanimous.

For those looking for simple and very cheap wireless headphones, Lidl has unveiled its own model for €24.99. A price that has also fallen. And with good reason they were on sale at 49.99 euros in the base.

Lidl is a hit with its product

On the occasion of the year-end celebrations, Lidl therefore published its own Crivit brand model. The latter specializes in sports products, both electronic. But also clothes.

The headphones are also available in several colors. You can also control them directly without having to go through your mobile phone. And for good reason, they offer many possibilities.

But since they are cheap, they have some shortcomings. The AirPods offered for sale by Lidl have a limited autonomy, but sufficient to leave the house. And this without fear of running out of battery.

The device includes a microphone. The owner’s voice is used to answer calls. It is therefore possible to use them without touching the buttons. With your vote you can order what you want.

This is one of the advantages of this model sold by Lidl compared to other cheap equipment. Everyone only allows them to listen to music. But that’s not all.

Lidl crushes Apple and releases its own

Good battery life

Lidl also states that the headphones have a button that can control various functions. Like for example listening to or stopping the music. Or answer calls.

The Bluetooth connection of these headphones can work up to 10 meters away from the mobile phone or computer. That autonomy battery is 5.5 hours listening to music. Or answer phone calls.

For a full charge you have to wait 2 hours. However, Lidl’s specifications do not indicate whether these times correspond to the earphones or to the case, which has a 400 mAh battery.

They are made of plastic to make them lighter and cheaper. The total weight of the product is 50 grams. And the dimensions of the suitcase are 6.8 x 4.6 x 3 cm.

Lidl sells these wireless headphones in three colours. Namely in black, purple and blue. The box also includes a 60cm USB-C charging cable. And adapters for headphones in different sizes: small, medium and large for each type of ear.

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