Lexus’ Yoke steering wheel could convince better than Tesla’s

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In shape, it is a copy of the Yoke tesla steering wheel. In practice, the Lexus One Motion Grip is much more technical than that.

With its recent electric SUVs, the Toyota group has inaugurated a new type of steering wheel. Baptized One Motion Grip, it takes up the idea of ​​an exotic steering wheel in the style of an airplane control, straight out of a science fiction film. While observers have made the connection with Tesla’s Yoke steering wheel, this system goes much further.

This is explained by our colleagues from Car Magazine who had the opportunity to take control of the One Motion Grip device of the new Lexus RZ450e. And the differences are significant: because if the Tesla steering wheel is connected to a traditional rack, that of Lexus is not connected…to anything. According to the first feedback, the experience would be disturbing and would require time to adapt.

No mechanical linkage for this Yoke steering wheel from Lexus

This is a Steering-by-Wire system. That is to say that the connection between the steering wheel and the wheels is ensured by sensors and a Steering Torque Actuatorwhich takes care of detecting the angle of the steering wheel and sending the correct information to the STeering Control Actuatorthe module that takes care of turning the wheels.

This makes it possible to control the consistency and the angle of the steering wheel by software. This is one of the wishes of the Japanese teams, as explained by Takashi Watanabe, the Lexus chief engineer: the angle from stop to stop should only be 150° maximum, so as not to have to remove steering wheel hands. It should also be noted that this system makes it possible to more finely configure the steering feedback according to the driving modes.

In short, a system as surprising as it is promising, which we will have the opportunity to detail during the test of the Lexus RZ450e.

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