Leek on the embers of Jean-François Piège

Jean-François Piège shares with you every Saturday on Point its cooking secrets by putting a seasonal product on the front of the plate. Today, the 2-star chef of the Grand Restaurant in Paris reveals a starter he serves at the Clover Grill, his table nestled in the 1er arrondissement of the capital: its braised leek. A must on the spring menu that smells of summer, embellished with bottarga (mullet eggs) and stracciatella (heart of burrata). The final touches? Chervil, lemon juice, olive oil, Espelette pepper, fleur de sel and voila. You will see, it’s simple, fast and unmissable. Now it’s up to you to do it again. Treat yourself !

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The recipe: grilled leek, bottarga, heart of burrata from Jean-François Piège (serves 4)

At the market
4 large leeks, olive oil, bottarga, 1 stracciatella of 250 g, chervil, 1 lemon, Espelette pepper, fleur de sel

In the kitchen
Wrap the root of each leek with aluminum foil. Put the leeks on the grill of a barbecue above the embers. Turn them regularly to caramelize them as much as possible. When they are very black over their entire surface, they are ready. Remove them from the embers and strip them of their aluminum foil.
Place the leeks on a work surface. Cut off their feet. Using the tip of a knife, incise each leek lengthwise. Just remove the burnt top. Take the heart of the leek, reserving the envelope of the leek. Remove the slightly dry parts of the leek heart. Cut the heart of the leek into sections 3 to 4 centimeters long. Spread a generous dash of olive oil over it. Season with fleur de sel and Espelette pepper.

Dn each large plate, place a leek envelope. Garnish it with sections of leek in quinvsounce. Scatter pieces of burrata heart. Drizzle with olive oil. Season again with Espelette pepper. Spread crushed chervil at the last moment. Using a mandolin, grate thin slices of bottarga. Finish with a few drops of lemon juice.

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