L’Atelier is the name of a new restaurant under construction in Estables

A new catering offer will be available this summer at Les Estables. A former baker in the village, Raphaël Durand is currently building a restaurant, l’Atelier, opposite the VVF holiday village.

At Les Estables, Raphaël Durand is best known for his talents as a baker. He ran the business in this village of Mézenc from 1999 to 2013 before following his wife, Michèle, to Reunion where she had been transferred as a teacher.

The baker becomes a cook

This native of Ardéchois returned with his family in 2017 and chose to focus on catering. An area he knew in his youth. Before passing his CAP as a baker, he had passed a CAP in cooking at the hotel school in Tain-l’Ermitage. From 2017, he worked in Puy-en-Velay then at the Lugik Parc snack bar.

Today, his restaurant project is about to come to fruition on land located in the village of Les Estables. “We had bought this land to build our house. But we quickly realized that it had a much stronger commercial potential”, says the head of the Atelier.

Homemade ice cream and pastries

With this new restaurant, Raphaël Durand intends to offer “simple and tasty” cuisine. The menu will be deliberately small and will also have a nice range of pastries. “I also intend to make my ice cream”, he announces again, he who spent an internship at the National School of Pastry in Yssingeaux with a MOF ice cream maker.

A plan studied for the comfort of all

The restaurant will be run by two people in the kitchen and two in the dining room. A room that can accommodate 50 people and as many on the terrace. “We have made sure that the restaurant is as pleasant for the cooks as for the waiters and the customers. I want everyone to feel good.

A seminar room

On the ground floor, a seminar room will also be fitted out. It will make it possible to accommodate professional meetings, or group meals.

As for the opening, it is scheduled for July.


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