kSuite, the collaborative and supreme Swiss suite takes on industry giants Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Infomaniak, the cloud provider of Swiss origin, announces the launch of kSuite, a suite of collaboration applications that offers companies a secure work environment managed exclusively in Europe. The Swiss web services and hosting provider intends to capitalize on the demand for sovereign solutions in a Europe where companies are looking for compliance in a context of heightened controls from national regulators.

Offered at an entry price of approximately €1.92 (CHF 1.9 at an exchange rate of €1.01) per user and per month, kSuite consists of open source modules. It offers a collaborative storage service, an email service, instant messaging, a video conferencing solution and all the applications businesses need to create, communicate and collaborate online. The entire ecosystem can be fully personalized with its own domain name and branding. Designed and developed by Developed and hosted in data centers located in Switzerland and designed by Infomaniak, the offering is hosted in the publisher’s data centers in Switzerland.

A complete and secure suite

kSuite is available in three offerings for businesses. kSuite Standard is an entry-level offering for small structures. It includes one free user, then 1.92 euros per additional user with 15 GB of storage space included per user. kSuite Pro is offered at a price of 7.99 euros per user including 50% discount for the first year, with 3 TB per user and 5 shared email addresses included. Finally, kSuite Enterprise is priced at 15.07 euros per user with a 50% discount for the first year, including 6 TB per user, 10 shared email addresses included and the white label, Custom Brand, enabled.

In addition to its IaaS offering, Infomaniak demonstrates a proactive strategy targeting the European and French markets. After successively launching kDrive, kMeet and its Public Cloud (IaaS), Infomaniak bundled all these online productivity applications into kSuite. kDrive is an encrypted storage service with the office suite to access your data from your devices and collaborate on shared documents. kMail is the messaging service for managing your emails, contacts and appointments from all your devices. kMeet is the video conferencing solution for creating virtual rooms and launching polls. Finally, kChat, which will be available from this fourth quarter of 2022 in beta version, is an instant messaging system for exchanging, coordinating teams, organizing projects and centralizing communication flows.

Against the sector’s giants

In 2021, Infomaniak had a 35% growth in France and a turnover of 30 million euros (a 23% increase compared to 2020). With the launch of its privacy-friendly free storage and email offering and the opening of its superb Public Cloud at very competitive prices, the Swiss cloud player is attracting more and more business customers and individuals.

Remember that a year after the launch of its free e-mail address with 3 GB of kDrive storage, Infomaniak has increased the space dedicated to files to 15 GB. While the themes of data sovereignty and respect for privacy are at the heart of the news, this offer is an alternative to the offers from Google with Drive and from Microsoft with OneDrive.

It also includes a collaborative storage service that allows you to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents online, an unlimited video conferencing solution, complete electronic messaging with synchronization of contacts and appointments, and a transfer that allows you to send up to 50 GB. Wizards help users set up these services on their devices and import their data from most messaging systems and clouds on the market (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, NextCloud, etc.).

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