Kinders contaminated with salmonella: an apology and an initiative by Ferrero

Ferrero, at the heart of the scandal of Kinder chocolates contaminated with salmonella, apologizes and launches a complaints platform, reports The Parisian in an article from Saturday, April 30. The company has been in turmoil for several weeks, after the appearance of 150 cases of salmonellosis in nine European countries, according to the census of two European surveillance agencies on Tuesday April 12, which would be due to the consumption of batches of eggs. in Kinder chocolate. The group, after product recalls and the shutdown of its factory in Belgium, had already announced that it “deeply regrets this affair”, acknowledging “internal failures”.

He had also offered his “sincere apologies” to consumers and business partners: repeated apologies in this press release published on his website and spotted by The Parisian. “We are deeply sorry to learn that some people may have been ill following the consumption of one of the Kinder products affected by the current recall”, they begin, before inviting all those who have had ” symptoms [ayant] had a significant impact on [leur] health, [leur] professional life or [leur] privacy” to complete a form on a “platform dedicated to the management of these specific requests”.

The group nevertheless specifies that “this online form should only be used to report a medical problem”. Information such as batch affected, symptoms experienced, and health information are requested. You are also asked to answer the following question: “How would you like your complaint to be taken care of?”, opening the way to probable compensation, without the nature and extent of the latter being specified. Belgian media The evening specified, in mid-April, that compensation from Ferrero was possible, provided that proof was provided that the state of health came from the Ferrero brand product.

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