Joel Embiid: ‘James Harden is no longer the player he was’

Calvary is over for Joel Embiid. Hit in the hand, with a tear in a ligament, but also a face, with a fracture in the forehead, the pivot of the Sixers left the playoffs on a small double-double at 20 points and 12 rebounds at 7 of 24 to shots. He was not chosen as MVP, and he will not be NBA champion.

The coming of James Harden did not allow the team to turn a corner, and it is not certain that this tandem is capable of going as far as the title. One thing is certain, James Harden is no longer the scorer he was as he proved again in Game 6, and Joel Embiid was the first to notice it.

“Everyone thought they were seeing Houston’s James Harden”

When asked what he needs from his teammate, here’s what he answered.

“I don’t know…I don’t think we got what we expected from James.” Ever since he got here, everyone thought they were seeing Houston’s James Harden.” he answers. “He is no longer the player he was. He became more of a creator. There are times when he could have been more aggressive, and when we all could have been more aggressive. »

A journalist asks him what the Sixers are missing to finally pass this milestone of the conference semi-finals.

“Last year, before we lost to the Hawks, I thought we could go all the way. This year, same thing. Maybe we didn’t have enough time to find solutions… As we lost, it’s because we obviously weren’t good enough. he answers. ” Many things can change… But I missed the first matches of the series, and we don’t know what would have happened if I had been 100%. But the thing is, we lost, and I’m not the GM. I am not the president. I don’t make those kinds of decisions. These guys will do what they have to do to win a title. Whether it’s trading players, recruiting new ones or trading me. Anything that can allow them to give us a chance to win a title. »

“There are a lot of questions to ask. I don’t have the answers. It’s not my job”

Another journalist asks him about Doc Rivers, who could be cut after these two failures. Did he know how to find the words to motivate everyone?

I don’t think at this stage we need someone to be motivated. It’s our job. When you seriously want to win, I don’t need someone to tell me that I have to give my all and what I have to do. I get paid for it, and I like it » he explains before mentioning the management. ” Since Daryl arrived, he’s done a great job building the team. I trust the staff. There are many questions to ask. I don’t have the answers. It’s not my job“.

About these injuries, he explains that he had planned to have hand surgery, and that like every summer, he will work on what did not work. In particular, he mentioned the management of two- or even three-way catches.

Personally, my objective remains the same: to win everything. Every season I think I can do better. There is always a higher level that I can reach. Each playoff allows me to see what I have to work on during the summer. »

Joel Embiid Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2016-17 PHL 31 25 46.6 36.7 78.3 2.0 5.9 7.8 2.1 3.6 0.9 3.8 2.5 20.2
2017-18 PHL 63 30 48.3 30.8 76.9 2.3 8.7 11.0 3.2 3.3 0.6 3.7 1.8 22.9
2018-19 PHL 64 34 48.4 30.0 80.4 2.5 11.1 13.6 3.7 3.3 0.7 3.5 1.9 27.5
2019-20 PHL 51 30 47.7 33.1 80.7 2.8 8.9 11.6 3.0 3.4 0.9 3.1 1.3 23.0
2020-21 PHL 51 31 51.3 37.7 85.9 2.2 8.4 10.6 2.8 2.4 1.0 3.1 1.4 28.5
2021-22 PHL 68 34 49.9 37.1 81.4 2.2 9.6 11.7 4.2 2.7 1.1 3.2 1.5 30.6
Total 328 31 49.0 33.8 81.0 2.3 9.1 11.4 3.3 3.1 0.9 3.4 1.7 26.0

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