Jidu Auto wants to put Tesla in the spotlight

To the layman, Tesla may seem like the only company that really cares about electric cars. It is perhaps the most well-known ‘electricity brand’, but the Chinese competition is on the hunt, as we have written before. Jidu Auto is also looking to prove itself in this area.

Electric cars in the premium segment

Tesla mainly manufactures electric cars in the premium segment. The Chinese company Jidu Auto now wants to join this same segment. To show that Jidu is serious, the company is once again emphasizing its strengths in autonomous driving. For example, CEO Xia Yiping has previously said in several media appearances that the company can compete with Tesla using data and algorithms available from the parent company.

Xia is not an unknown name in the automotive world. He was previously technical director of vehicle connectivity at Fiat Chrysler. According to Xia, the race among automakers to build smart vehicles is just beginning in China. Jidu’s CEO sees great opportunities to conquer the market.

Price competition

Some time ago, Jidu presented…

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