Jean-Louis Leca forfeits until the end of the season after an altercation

While Lens thought they were having a fairly happy end to the season with a fight for European places until the last day, a surprising element disturbs the Lensois. This Thursday evening, the team published an article explaining that Lensois goalkeeper Jean-Louis Leca was out of action until the end of the season after fracturing his finger during a heated argument with his goalkeeping coach Thierry Malaspina.

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The tone rose between the two men and they ended up grabbing each other by the collar according to witnesses of the scene. In anger, the Lensois goalkeeper gave a violent blow to a door and fractured his finger. Faced with the publication of this article, RC Lens reacted via a press release. “Following the publication of an article detailing an altercation, the club confirms an excess of character shown by two members of the professional group, this day, at the end of training. Racing informs that it will take the appropriate disciplinary measures and specifies that this event which has occurred in the life of the group will be settled in the strictest privacy of the locker room.

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