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Murena wants an Android without Google, and although its first smartphone is very complete and attractive in price, it will undoubtedly have very difficult times in the market.

Many companies have wanted to free us from the shackles of Google with a theoretically freer Android, although along the way almost all have failed since Cyanogenmod became Cyanogen Inc. with the intention of preparing its own fork on Android Open Source Project without apps or services from the Mountain View giant.

Others like Geeksphone and their BlackPhone have tried it in the past, and lately we’ve even seen GranitePhone continue to explore this idea of ​​a free, more secure and private smartphone for all its users, although the latest company to enter the privacy arena will be Murena, which also wants to allow you to remove Google from your life or at least from your mobile.

Meet the Murena One, the Android phone that frees you from Google.

Today, in fact, we present to you his first smartphone, which will be called Murena One and will come with a completely free operating system from Google, developed on the basis of AOSP and with a rather geeky name like /e/OS v1, which colleagues from xda-developers showed us with an interface dangerously similar to that of iOS.

From Murena, they confirm that /e/OS v1 is designed to protect its users while browsing the Internet, while offering the best of Android by providing firmware with its own versions of basic applications, such as messaging, the browser, maps, app store, etc.

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Not only that and the company tells us that they’ve also developed their own digital assistant and cloud connected services so in a way we’re changing Google to another flag but we’ll still have to trust the goodness of Murena, except when processing our data and online profiles.

For this, from Murena they confirm that their users will enjoy a well-walled smartphone, although in favor of reliability they will offer those who have a Murena One the possibility of returning to the arms of Google, downloading only the applications who require their Salon App without major complications.

Murena One

Breaking free from Google isn’t a new idea on Android, does Cyanogenmod ring a bell?

In addition, the application stores that we want can be installed to avoid suspicion and that we can use the services in which we are most comfortable, offering that freedom that they promise us in every way. Obviously Murena itself already warns us that installing these third-party services will offer them access to our data with the permissions that we grant, without the Murena One being able to protect us, but if we need the services, many will be ready to continue “selling” their profiles online.

Additionally, Murena wants anyone to be able to test drive their OS whether or not they want to buy a Murena One, so /e/OS v1 will be available for a wide range of endpoints which you can check out here.

Murena One

The Murena One design, now seen from the front and back.

The Murena One is a mid-range mobile, with a very attractive price

In terms of hardware, the new Murena One offers average performance starting with its 6.53-inch IPS LCD screen with FHD+ resolution (2,242 x 1,080 pixels), powered by a MediaTek Helio P60 chipset with an octa- core and 12 nanometer technology. .

The memory configuration is 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, which of course we can expand with microSD cards with the possibility of encrypting data.

As for the multimedia section, we have a triple camera with 48 MP main sensors, 8 MP ultra wide angle and 5 MP macro type. On the front, there will be another 25-megapixel sensor above a hole in the top left of the screen.

The battery to power the set is 4,500 mAh, with a two-year warranty and a price attractive enough to compete, only 349 euros in its own online store, although at the moment there is not yet terminal inventory.

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