“It’s $250 too expensive”: Tesla’s SSD is an aberration for netizens

News JVTech “It’s $250 too expensive”: Tesla’s SSD is an aberration for netizens

Tesla has just announced the arrival of Steam on their Model S and Model X, but that’s not all! The brand also announced the release of an SSD, which managed to drive the internet crazy thanks to its extremely high price.

Steam is coming to your Tesla, but that’s not the only gaming surprise in the Christmas update!

And no, Skyrim won’t come out on your fridge before your car! In fact, Tesla has just announced the arrival of Steam on its vehicles during its famous “Holiday Update”. The Christmas update will therefore allow Model S and Model X from 2022 to support the platform’s games thanks to 16 GB of RAM and, above all, a SoC Ryzen under the RDNA2 architecture, which should have a power of 10 Teraflops.

Technically, it is the advent of a new portable console. From there to saying it’s going to compete with Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and consoles from Sony and Microsoft, there’s only one step…

But this is not the only announcement from the company Elon Musk. In fact, it has announced the release of a product that no one expected: an external SSD of 1 TB. If having an everyday product branded Tesla and usually optimized for storing games and other dashcam data on your self-driving car is a good basic idea, some things need to be reviewed and internet users have clearly put their finger on it…

This little detail that drove the internet crazy after the announcement of Tesla’s SSD

If you’re already familiar with Tesla and Elon Musk in general, using the word “small” is an understatement. In fact, as we said above, the principle is excellent for Tesla, which can thus sell a product that perfectly suits its needs. On a marketing level, it is even a very good thing, as they can thus afford a premium price without it being embarrassing, in the same way as Apple, for example.

Available from February 2023, it should allow you to easily save all the data you want from Tesla Arcade games to videos from your dash cam. Advertised as “automotive grade”, it should be able to withstand extreme cabin temperatures, vehicle shocks and vibrations. With read and write speeds optimized for gaming, it would even have an extended lifespan compared to its competitors and would be perfectly suited for Steam games.

In principle, it’s great, right? Except there are several disadvantages. Let’s start with the most obvious: the advertised price, which is $350 for 1 TB. It was natural to expect a higher price than the market average. But at this point, that’s literally ridiculous, especially in a sector where competition is as present as the SSD sector. Logically, it’s only $250 too expensive.

Next, nothing stops an external SSD like the $84.99 Crucial X6 from doing exactly the same thing Micron products are already able to withstand e.g. extreme temperatures.

And if it’s the shock resistance that’s at stake, it doesn’t justify the price either.
A Sabrent Rocket Nano will more than do the trick and even allow itself the luxury of being waterproof for €159.99.

Of course, if you want an external SSD for your car, you still need to take a branded product known for its solidity and its ability to withstand very high temperatures, such as going below 0°. But unless you’re an absolute Tesla fan, there’s currently no reason to choose this SSD over others that are much cheaper.

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