Italy: a man tested positive for Covid-19, HIV and monkeypox

A 36-year-old Italian recently tested positive for Covid-19, monkeypox and HIV at the same time after a stay in Spain.

A unique triple infection in the world. A 36-year-old Italian recently tested positive for Covid-19, HIV and monkeypox at the same time. Italian newspaper Sky reported that the young man went on a trip to Spain from June 16 to 20. It was a few days after his return that he began to feel flu-like symptoms, fever, sore throat, fatigue. Three days after the onset of symptoms, he tested positive for Covid-19, which he had already contracted last January and against which he had received two doses of vaccine.

On the same day, rashes appeared on his arm, and spread to the rest of his body over the following days. He then went to the emergency room of the hospital in Catania, Sicily, on July 5. He was again tested positive for Covid, but also for monkey pox.

The young man then told the medical staff that he had had unprotected sex with other men during his trip to Spain, and the doctors decided to test him for sexually transmitted infections. , such as herpes or chlamydia.

It was then that doctors discovered that he had recently been infected with HIV. His level of CD4, a protein found on T lymphocytes, and which HIV uses to enter cells, indicated that the infection was recent.

Impossible to measure the effects of this triple infection

The patient was released about a week after his hospitalization, according to the Italian daily. He is negative for Covid-19 and monkeypox, and must undergo treatment for AIDS.

“As this is the only reported case of co-infection with monkeypox virus, Sars-CoV-2 and HIV, there is not yet sufficient evidence to support that this combination can worsen the state of the patient”, added the experts who studied the case of this patient, in the journal Journal of Infection.

“Clinicians should therefore be aware of the possibility of co-infection with Sars-CoV-2 virus and monkeypox virus,” the doctors stressed. They also indicated that sexual intercourse may be a “predominant” mode of transmission when it comes to monkeypox.

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