it will try to fix one of the big flaws of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

As a Google official confirmed at Google I/O, the Pixel 6a will feature a different fingerprint sensor than its bigger siblings. The idea is not to fall into the same traps by providing better reliability.

The Google Pixel 6a // Source: Google

When they were released, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were peppered with all kinds of bugs. A problem related to the fingerprint sensor has been particularly persistent and annoying. In our test, we also described it as quite slow and unresponsive. And this anomaly was confirmed on a larger scale with a larger panel of users.

For example, some customers have found that their fingerprint sensor simply no longer works after reaching 0% battery. Others had to repeat themselves six or seven times to unlock their phone. Opposite, Google justified itself in its own way by invoking security algorithms that were a little too strong.

Reliability above all

The Californian group has in any case been subjected to a certain pressure by its community and no longer wishes to live in this situation. To do this, he plans to install a brand new fingerprint sensor in his future Pixel 6a, which, as a reminder, will indeed be released in France for the sum of 459 euros.

Google Pixel 6a
Source: Google

The information would have been confirmed by Rick Osterloh, vice president of devices and services at Google, during the Google I / O 2022 – relayed by Android Central. Changing such an element does not mean making it better: the Mountain View firm must above all adjust the shot to make it reliable at the moment T and over the long term.

A future sensor scrutinized very closely

At the time, Google had tried to correct the situation via software updates which had not always been conclusive. Perhaps he now wants to intervene on the hardware part to solve a deeper problem and offer a user experience worthy of the name to his community.

In any case, the fingerprint sensor is sure to be tested when the phone is released this summer.

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