It is the best alternative to Google Translate

Deepl is the best translator we’ve tested on Android.

Surely you have ever visited a foreign web page, received a message in another language or simply looked up the meaning of a word or phrase in another language and to perform all these tasks you probably used Google Translate, because the application of the American giant is one of the most complete and used in the world.

But, you may have noticed that, despite its popularity, Google Translate isn’t always as reliable as it should be, as it doesn’t accurately analyze the context of the words or phrases being translated. What does Deepl do, a translation app that, without a doubt, is the best alternative to Google Translate.

If you want to get better translations, Deepl is the app for you.

With Deepl, you will take your translations to the next level

After using it for several months with only one mobile translator, we can say that Deepl is the best translation application we have tested on Android and, therefore, the best alternative to the famous Google Translate.

The Deepl application is very easy to use, because to translate a text that is in another language, you just have to write it or paste it at the top of the application. Once done, Deepl will automatically detect the language and allow you to translate it into a total of 26 languages, including Spanish.

It is the best alternative to Google Translate

In addition, as you write the text, its translation is displayed at the bottom and once the translation is finished, you can copy it, share it or save it in the application by clicking on the three icons that appear on the right side. You can access any translations you save by clicking the Saved tab at the bottom of the app.

One of the great advantages of Deepl over Google Translate is that when you translate short sentences or expressions, a third block appears at the bottom of the application with several alternative translations of these, which is really useful for understanding certain expressions in certain contexts.

Deepl also has an optical character recognition (OCR) system, thanks to which you can translate text simply by taking a picture of it. So if you tap on the camera icon that appears at the bottom of the first app block and take a picture of the text you want to translate, Deepl will automatically detect the original language and translate it into the language you selected.

It is the best alternative to Google Translate

But that’s not all, because Deepl not only translates a text for you, but also lets you listen to the translation aloud so you can improve your pronunciation of that language.

To use this function, you just have to press the speaker icon that is in one of the two boxes of the application, both in the original text and in the translated text, and you will start immediately to listen to the translation through the speakers of your mobile, being able to stop it at any time by clicking on the previous icon.

Finally, with Deppl you will also be able to translate text from other applications that you have installed on your smartphone, and for this you will only have to perform these simple steps:

  • Select the text you want to translate in the other app
  • Click on the menu button with an icon of three vertical dots
  • Click on the Deepl option

It is the best alternative to Google Translate

Once done, you will see the original text, initial translation and alternate translations in the Deepl app.

Deepl is a free app that already has over a million downloads and a 4.7 out of 5 rating in the Play Store. If you want to try this wonderful translator on your mobile, you can download it directly from the link below.

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