It is now impossible to reserve the Tesla Cybertruck in Europe

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Tesla seems to have to make choices when it comes to production, and the automaker is turning off the tap on the Cybertruck. It is no longer possible to pre-order the electric pickup outside of North America and Mexico.

Already in the fall of 2021, Tesla had to cut back on information and orders on the Cybertruck. The price of the electric pick-up was gone, and it was only possible to deposit a deposit of 100 euros to reserve it.

But between production delays and very many reservations, Tesla can no longer support pre-orders. This is why the brand has decided to discontinue them outside America, and in particular in Europe.

The Tesla Cybertruck page on the manufacturer’s French site only offers news about it. Only Americans, Canadians and Mexicans can still reserve this model.

Tesla Cybertruck

When it was presented in 2019, the Cybertruck was supposed to enter production at the end of 2021. Since then, this date had slipped to become 2022, and then it had simply disappeared.

The latest news reports a start of production in 2023, and an arrival on the American market in stride. But the Tesla Cybertruck relies on 4680 cells, and that’s a major reason for the delays. By interrupting reservations, Tesla will restore some serenity, even if it means offending some of its audience.

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