Is this granny really trying to put gas in her Tesla?

Coming to a gas station with her Tesla Model X, this lady took the fuel gun to fill the charging port of her electric SUV. First of all, it shouldn’t work…

The Tesla Model X is a large American electric SUV, now competing with the equally large BMW iX. A model which, by definition, is recharged using electric current from conventional sockets, wall terminals or fast chargers such as the Tesla Supercharger.

Regularly, however, there are a few uninformed motorists who go to the service station with this kind of model. Like in the video below, for example, where a granny holds the fuel nozzle at the level of the hole in the charging hatch of her large electric SUV.

A joke ?

So, did she not know that her Tesla Model X is electric and does not need to be refueled? Not sure because she doesn’t seem to be pulling the trigger and is clearly posing for the camera, like she’s playing a little joke.

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