Is this Apple product racist? We will explain everything to you

News JVTech Is this Apple product racist? We will explain everything to you

As our colleagues from 01Net discovered, an Apple customer recently filed a complaint against the brand for having one of its products that would have racist prejudices. The sensor in question would thus be less effective on darker skin.

Is Apple Watch Racist Just Inaccurate?

Apple meets on Christmas Eve with a consumer fraud complaint filed by a New Yorker, Alex Morales. He explains that he bought an Apple Watch, arguing about the SPO2 blood oxygen sensor.

But for him it is a real disappointment. His connected watch is not at all accurate as claimed by Apple and it would be because of his skin color. According to him, it would not be that the sensor has a harder time detecting vital functionsbut a bad calibration.

To understand, you must already know how the oxygen sensors in our connected watches work. They send light pulses which are then analyzed by a sensor. Based on the response, the watch is able to determine an approximate blood oxygenation rate. 100% is excellent oxygenation and below 90% poor.

Apple Watch only works on light skin?

Then the question may arise. Has the Apple Watch been calibrated only on light skin without taking into account other skin tones? This would thus have an impact on the results, which would not be as accurate.

According to Alex Morales, this is a typical example of systemic racism. That is, the system is calibrated by testers of a certain skin color without thinking that the results might be different if another tester with a different skin color tries it. This question began to emerge during the pandemic.

Also on his side Apple may talk about altered results if the watch is placed over a tattoo, but never on naturally darker skin.. The brand thus cleanses itself of all bad measurements with the inscription:

The measurements in the Blood Oxygen app are not intended for medical use or for self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor. They only give you indications of your form and general well-being.

Alex Morales’ appeal may not succeed, so he wants to make it a collective action. It would have a much better chance of making an impact. In addition, we also find the influence of the media on such a subject. When we talk about the issue, it forces brands like Apple to change things, although legally they have nothing to blame themselves for. This is an environment where brand image is essential, especially for Apple, which wants to be the good guy in Tech. We remember the famous ad from 1984 directed by Ridley Scott.

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