Is the Cayenne Hospital Center facing a new epidemic?

Last weekend, Felton Jérémie, 72, a patient at the Cayenne Hospital Center was diagnosed with BHRe, a highly resistant bacteria to antibiotics. Amazement and incomprehension for relatives who denounce the lack of information.

After Covid 19, is the Cayenne Hospital Center facing a new epidemic? In any case, this is what the family of a patient affirms.

Elsa Deshayes – Daughter of Felton Jérémie

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My father has been followed for colon cancer for 2 months. He goes back and forth, he was transfused. And for some time, we have been talking about bacteria. I didn’t quite understand. It is the doctor, who, when members of my family came to see him to obtain an explanation, said that he had contracted a bacterium but at home. We discovered it that way. No one had told us anything. My father is not going to die of cancer but of this bacteria.

Elsa Deshayes – daughter of Felton Jérémie


Felton Jérémie’s family are angry and considering legal action

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Convinced on the contrary that the bacterium was indeed contracted at the hospital, family is angry.
Elsa Deshayes, affirms that several patients would also be positive for this bacterium and isolation. She denounces the lack of communication on the part of the hospital and considers legal proceedings.

Patricia Jérémie, the patient’s wife, and says she is worried: “My husband can infect several people, and myself. Last Sunday I went to visit him and a nurse asked me to put on a gown, gloves, a mask. She told me that my husband had a bacterium and that I couldn’t touch it at all”.


Patricia Jérémie, wife of the patient who contracted the highly antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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If he refuses to communicate on Felton Jérémie’s file, the Cayenne Hospital Center defends itself by explaining that since 2008, hospitals around the world have been dealing with the emergence of BHRe, bacteria highly resistant to antibiotics and naturally present in the digestive tract.

In the space of seven months, around thirty cases were diagnosed in several departments of the CHC. A BHRE unit was even created on May 6th. A strict health protocol has been put in place in accordance with national guidelines.
The epidemic situation would then have lasted only 2 months.

At the CHC, we decided to create a special service and put all these BHRE patients there in order to control the spread of the bacteria. This required a lot of effort, especially in terms of logistics, but thanks to this, all the services concerned were able to get out of the epidemic. There have been no new cases since mid-June. In 3 weeks, we had 1 sporadic case and 0 secondary cases, therefore the epidemic is considered to be under control.

José Lony – public health nurse at the CHC

very contagioussBHREs are resistant to the majority of antibiotics. Their resistance mechanism is transferable between bacteria. A phenomenon that can ultimately lead to a therapeutic impasse.

Still emerging in France, they evolve in sporadic or limited epidemic form.

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