Is it possible to overcome vaginismus?

Vaginismus is overcome by learning to know your body.

Often guilt-ridden and taboo, vaginismus prevents many women from consulting. However, it has nothing to do with a vagina that is too small or an anatomical anomaly, and can be treated very well with appropriate support.

Deconstructing women’s guilt

Vaginismus, that is to say the impossibility of vaginal penetration without pain, whether it is a penis, a finger or a tampon, is a sexual disorder which would affect approximately 1% of women. It has nothing to do with a morphological abnormality, but rather with such a strong muscular contraction of the muscles of the perineum, that any penetration becomes painful.

Most often, the family context, the lack of sexual education and knowledge of one’s own body, as well as moral or religious taboos, contribute to the impossibility of penetration without pain.

What solutions exist?

By starting by consulting her doctor, gynecologist, midwife or sexologist, the word is freed up and the professional can thus relieve the patient of guilt. The therapy combines both listening to suffering and discovering one’s own anatomy so that it is no longer taboo.

The help of a specialized physiotherapist can help through relaxation exercises to relax the muscles of the perineum, and the use of vaginal dilators. Finally, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or hypnosis, may be needed to work on fear and apprehension.

Find out more: “I’m cured of vaginismus, let’s go” by Mame Ndanty Badiane.

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