Is Google Chrome slow for you? So you can know which tabs are “petando”

Google Chrome has its own task manager with which you can know which tabs are making it so slow. We teach you how to use it.

At we told you about many tricks and less known functions of Google Chrome, but we had not yet spoken about its task manager. Yes, Google’s web browser has its own task manager so you can see all the tabs you have open and which ones are “crying” i.e. they are consuming so many resources that they are slowing down how Chrome works.

If you frequently use a Windows computer, you will know exactly what this task manager is. For example, you will know that it is not only useful to know which applications are not working properly, but also to complete the process quickly and have everything working normally again. Here’s how to open and use Google Chrome’s Task Manager.

Google Chrome has its own task manager // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil

How to Open and Use Google Chrome Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager is the tool we use to know all the services we have open and, also, to end them quickly. We can give the same use to the administrator of Google Chrome, since it is possible that on more than one occasion you will be caught because there is a tab that does not work correctly.

To use this browser feature, you must use it from a Windows or Mac computer. Once the program is open, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Click the three dots button in the upper right corner.
  2. In the options menu, hover your mouse over “More tools” to reveal new features.
  3. Click on “Task Manager”.

Is Google Chrome slow for you?  So you can know which tabs

This is how easy and quick it is to open the task manager of Google Chrome. It can be even easier if you use direct access, i.e. pressing the Shift + Esc keys simultaneously. Once you have it in front of you, you can expand the window to see the information more clearly.

What you will see will be all active Google Chrome processes in real time, both tabs and extensions. Next, you can see how much RAM and resources each of them consumes. If you want to make the display even clearer, you can click on the “Memory Usage” tab to sort open tasks from most demanding to least demanding.

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If any of these tabs or services are causing Google Chrome to run slowly, you can close them directly from the task manager. This way you avoid having to completely close the browser and lose the other tabs you had open. To do this, simply click on the name of the task in question and click on “End the process”.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how demanding an extension you have installed is, the task manager can help you find out. In short, it is a very useful tool that is not often used out of sheer ignorance.

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