iPhone: the self-service repair kit finally unveiled by Apple!

Good news ! Apple unveiled a novelty for iPhone users. This is a self-service repair kit

Apple continues to surprise its loyal customers by unveiling a novelty. Soon, iPhone users will experience a great self-service repair kit. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Apple: in search of novelties

After the health crisis, Apple did not stop. The firm continued to design ever more innovative products. Thus, we count more than 300 million iPhones sold in 2021.

A high quota which results from a very good strategy of the global company. Apple has a program already established. The goal is to sell more than 170 million iPhones in the first half of the year 2022.

And in view of the improvements and novelties, this bet will be met very quickly! Indeed, the years pass and the iPhone is always more powerful and elegant.

Customers remain loyal to the Apple, thanks to the design is of quality, and to the good progress. It must be said that creators do everything possible to innovate.

The giant even spoke of creating a foldable iPhone : “ A device can therefore have a screen housed in a casing. The screen may also include several pixels which produce images. A display cover layer can therefore cover the pixel array. »

“The display cover layer can even have a flat center area surrounded by an edge area with a curved section profile. From an on-axis viewing angle, an image on the pixel array is therefore visible through the flat central area and the peripheral edge area. »

Added to this is the rumor about Apple Pencil which is causing a stir on social networks.

However, the iPhone also has flaws. The battery is inefficient and degrades very quickly over the years. The screen is also a sensitive subject. Because once broken, you have to sometimes pay a fortune to change it

iPhone: the self-service repair kit finally unveiled by Apple!

A kit that saves the iPhone

Good news, Apple has thought of you! This week in the United States, customers were able to discover something new: a spare parts ordering service for recent iPhones and rental tools.

The goal is to perform these services yourself. To do this, you must rent the equipment for $49 and deposit a deposit of $1,272. You will then get two large suitcases with two machine tools and accessories.

For this price, you can keep the material for a week. It is therefore the same as the pros use. So you can repair your screen. But also replace the battery, the speaker.

Even repair the camera, SIM slot and Taptic Engine. For this, the large machine allows the screen to be removed by thermal take-off. The other machine ensures the good condition of the battery.

Quite handy isn’t it! If this service exists in the United States, know that it will be deployed internationally before the end of this year.

After America the two suitcases will also travel to Europe. So this is very good news that will do good for your wallet!

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