iPhone: 10 tips to save time on the Apple smartphone!

How to make the most of your iPhone? It exists 10 simple tricks that will save you a lot of time on your smartphone! MCE TV tells you more.

10 iPhone tricks that save you time

Apple’s iPhone is a real gem of technology. It must be said that the firm has once again set the bar high for its new smartphone.

But to get the most out of what your iPhone has to offer, there are very simple tricks. Especially since these will make your life a lot easier!

Indeed, you should know that many features save you a lot of time. So if you have an iPhone and want get the most out of your smartphone You are in the right place !

Today, we reveal some tips for optimize the use of your smartphone. Between shortcuts and options you may not know yet, you’ll save a lot of time with these new tricks. We tell you everything!

iPhone: 10 tips to save time on the Apple smartphone!

Face ID

One of the novelties of the new Apple iPhone is Face ID. Your smartphone can now be unlocked with a scan of your face. Be aware that Apple technology also allows identification even when you are wearing a mask!

This saves time. And you won’t have no need to take off your mask to unlock your phone. Just go to your iPhone settings and click on Face ID & Passcode. Then on Face ID with a mask.

And voila ! Your iPhone re-scans your face for use when you’re wearing a mask.

Control center tools

Apple’s Control Center is very practical on iPhone. To add tools you use often, just click on “Control Center” in the settings.

You can then include the tools that interest you the most. Thus, in a single swipe, you will have access to it! To add tools, just click on the green + button next to the icon you are looking for.

Back-tap actions

We love this smart feature of iPhone. Thanks to it, you can perform actions by tapping on the back of your iPhone!

To configure it, just go to the Settings, then to the Accessibility menu. Click on “Tap” and scroll down to see “Back to type”. You can then choose what actions to perform based on how you type on your iPhone.

Access app features

There is a simple way to save even more time and quickly access to the functionality of an app. Just long press the app. You will see a menu appear. You will then have access to all possible functions of the app.

Create shortcut number

If you often call the same people, know that you can create an abbreviated number to contact them even faster! Just go to the Shortcuts app on the iPhone (download from the App Store.)

Then choose “Call”. And click the icon to create a new shortcut. You can then choose the contact of your choice and press “Add to home screen.” ” And There you go !

To take a picture

When you’re in the Camera app, you can simply use the volume buttons to take a photo! Eh yes. Just hold down the buttons. And voila !

voice control

To quickly open an app, you can use voice control. But you must first activate Siri to be able to ask her for help. Afterwards, just say “Hey Siri” to ask him what you want! Practice.

Take a photo during a video

Are you shooting a video and want to take a photo at the same time? No need to stop the video!

Just click on the white button located at the bottom right of your screen. This allows your iPhone to take photos while you continue to film!

Pin an important message

If you have received an important messaget and want to keep it at the top of the list, you can just pin it! Find the conversation in question and swipe right. You will then see a yellow icon appear. Click it to pin the conversation.

Find photos in the gallery

Your iPhone has incredible intelligence! Indeed, when you take photos, it will put tags that make it easy to find them.

So when you’re looking for a photo of your dog, just type “dog” into your camera roll search bar. And voila !

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