iOS 16: some new features in the Apple Books app

The Books application has undergone some adjustments in iOS and iPadOS 16. The entire menu part moves from the top of the screen to the bottom, and a single sandwich menu hides all the settings and other options such as the search bar or the bookmark function. This new button cannot be hidden, but saves space and therefore dedicates more space to text.

There are no big changes here, and the interface has simply been revamped. You can always choose to change the font size, activate night mode or switch to mode. scrolling vertical to avoid having to turn the pages.

The number of background colors available increases from 4 on iOS 15 to 6 on this new version. By remaining pressed for a few moments on one of them, you access a sub-menu offering additional customization options. It is possible to adjust the gap between words, lines or characters, but also to put the text in bold or to justify it.

Note the disappearance of the “realistic” effect of the pages turning, imitating real sheets of paper. It is replaced by a much more classic and monotonous simple page change.


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