iOS 16: Apple simplifies the transfer of eSIMs from one iPhone to another

News hardware iOS 16: Apple simplifies the transfer of eSIMs from one iPhone to another

Completely unnoticed during the presentation of iOS 16 at the last WWDC, a new feature will allow you to transfer your eSIM extremely easily, via Bluetooth, from one iPhone to another in a snap of your fingers.

With iOS 16, Apple makes it easier to transfer your eSIM from one iPhone to another

If the eSIM is still struggling to establish itself in France in particular, the fault of cautious operators, in the United States and in a certain number of other countries, we do not hesitate to use this format which, in the long term, should equip all smartphones on the planet.

Clearly, eSIM is THE solution of the future for managing our phone and data plans in our smartphones or tablets. And in the field, it must be recognized that Apple has several steps ahead of Google and Android.

Imagine, you want to change operator or take a new subscription elsewhere, you subscribe to your package in eSIM and you can benefit from it almost instantly. We can very well imagine that portability times will be reduced to a strict minimum, even instantaneous, in the years to come.

The eSIM, a future-proof and sustainable solution for our smartphones and tablets

The other advantage of the eSIM, when smartphones will have definitively abandoned the current SIM or even dual SIM drawers, is a significant space saving in the devices which would allow to have a better battery for example, or additional sensors, or why not further increase the size of the photo modules.

After ignoring the jack, manufacturers are always looking to cut corners to put something else in it, the next step, as we know, should be the traditional SIM card which no longer really has any reason to ‘be.

Currently in France, it is not easy to subscribe to an eSIM package, not all operators offer it and often you have to subscribe to a “classic” package and take an additional eSIM option billed in addition. However, it is necessary for a good part of 4G/LTE connected watches…

In short, to come back to the iPhone and iOS 16, as the MacRumors site reports, always well aware of the latest Apple news, in the next version of iOS, a new option facilitating the transfer of an eSIM between two devices is appeared.

To do this, nothing could be simpler, you must have 2 devices under iOS 16 and use the transfer via Bluetooth or by scanning a QR code. Until now, you had to go through the operator, provide the new eSIM number to make the transfer, in short, a real hassle.

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