iOS 15 is already installed on almost 90% of the latest iPhones

Being a system dedicated only to a well-defined set of Apple hardware, iOS achieves much better update rates. Compared to Android, this system ensures that many more users adhere to these new versions.

iOS 15 is currently the latest version in use and the update numbers show a very interesting reality. The latest data, from Apple itself, reveals that this version is about to be used in all the latest iPhones.

While not great at posting usage numbers, Apple still reveals membership data for its systems. This is information that helps programmers follow their line of development and is therefore important.

The most recent data, shared by Apple, shows that nearly 90% of iPhones under 4 years old are now running iOS 15. Previous information, from earlier this year, put this value at 72%. The previous version, iOS 14, is now at 10%.

If we look at older iPhone models, the reality is slightly different. The numbers here are 82% across all devices that already have iOS 15‌. Next comes iOS 14 which, curiously, has a membership that is precisely 14%, followed by 4% with older versions.

Apple also revealed updated iPad numbers. In the case of Apple’s tablet, the numbers point to 79% of all iPads launched in the past four years. We also have 18% still using iPadOS 14 and 3% still using an earlier version of iPadOS.

Apple iPhone iPad iOS 15

Overall, we have 72% of all iPads, even those launched more than four years ago, with ‌iPadOS 15‌ installed. There are still 18% using iPadOS 14 and 10% still using an older version of iPadOS.

With iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 releasing next week, it will finally be possible to see what news Apple has to prepare soon. There are rumors that show that it will be a version that will consolidate a lot, but that will certainly bring new features in the interface.

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