INTERVIEW. In Cajarc, the Robin couple worked on a process for extracting saffron from Quercy

As already announced, the Robin couple have decided not to open their starred restaurant L’Allée des Vignes this year to devote themselves temporarily to new projects. Chef Claude-Emmanuel Robin presents their current activities.

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What is the result of your research?

With our second company, Evolugout, we have been working for four years on perfecting a process for extracting saffron from Quercy, which consists of preserving the natural qualities of the precious spice in a very advantageous way. This extraction, an innovative patented product, is incorporated into culinary preparations and creations. We make it available to professionals in the catering trades, this allows the implementation of new products for which I can bring my culinary expertise in consulting and design.

What are your activities ?

We are also undertaking a commercial approach through our Latitude Safran brand, for which we have launched an original range of products intended for the general public distributed in delicatessens. We have also created Evolugout Conseils, an entity for which our professional backgrounds and our experience as a starred restaurateur allow us to provide consulting services. This responds to the request of colleagues wishing to develop or bring a new dynamic to their establishment, both on the managerial and conceptual part of a restaurant.

Do you continue to cook?

Yes, to continue to evolve and above all to keep in touch with our customers, we are continuing with our team of home chef services and private dinners, while waiting for the opening of the restaurant.

What do you have to add?

Latitude Safran has joined the Culinary College of France, whose vocation is to enhance the culinary heritage of craftsmanship through diversity, tradition and the capacity for innovation. In this dynamic, we are continuing our work and projects with an innovative vision of the use of saffron to continue to enhance our territory in close collaboration with the Safraniers du Quercy and the Remarkable Sites of Taste.

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