Inter-LGBT criticizes the government’s “lack of preparation” and the difficulties of access to vaccination

As the monkeypox epidemic progresses in France and Europe, the Inter-LGBT association federation “is protesting against the government’s inaction, lack of preparation and transparency” French, in a press release published Monday, July 25. She deplores in particular the “difficulty making an appointment” for vaccination and “delivery of insufficient doses”.

“This epidemic overwhelmingly affects (more than 9 out of 10 cases) men who have sex with men (MSM). For some of us, the news brought back the trauma of the AIDS years”observes the LGBT rights organization.

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The lesbian, gay, bi and trans association, which brings together some sixty LGBT associations, therefore asks “increased prevention, factual and non-judgmental, with exposed people, while too much delay was taken by reluctance, letting the epidemic run”.

The High Authority for Health in favor of reimbursement of tests

In her press release, she “recalls the right of everyone to live their sexuality fully with the number of partners they want, while taking into account the reality of the epidemic” and request “the lifting of the defense secrecy on 3ᵉ generation smallpox vaccines and the volume of orders and made available in vaccination centers nationwide”.

Inter-LGBT notes in particular “by many lifts the difficulties in making an appointment” to get vaccinated, regretting “deliveries of insufficient doses of vaccine, disorganized supply circuits, insufficient vaccination sites, slots unavailable on Doctolib”.

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The Aids association for the fight against HIV had also demanded last Thursday, by means of a press release, “the deployment by the State of a “punch” vaccination campaign, relying on voluntary liberal health professionals”, in particular established on the “resorts”.

On Monday, the High Authority for Health (HAS) declared itself in favor of the reimbursement by Medicare of tests, in particular PCR, for the detection of the monkeypox virus, specifying that they should only intervene“in case of persistent doubt after clinical examination”.

In the latest assessment drawn up by Public Health France last Thursday, the country recorded 1,567 confirmed cases, up from 912 a week earlier. The government announced on July 8 the extension of vaccination to “men who have sex with men and trans people reporting multiple sex partners”to “persons in prostitution” and to “professionals in places of sexual consumption”.

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