INNOVATION. Mostiglass, a revolutionary mosquito net that refreshes the air

The invention of this couple of scientists from Bordeaux has nothing to do with conventional mosquito nets. These are transparent, perforated plates that naturally cool very hot air. Thanks to a venturi effect. Explanations. (article published on 03/06/2022)

It was a friend who told me about it and as I am invaded by mosquitoes in summer it interested me a lot” confides to us David, an intern in medicine, who today receives the Captain couple who have come to ask him his “Mostiglass”.

The panel, transparent, will not darken his apartment located on the ground floor. It is pierced with oval holes arranged horizontally, conical in depth.

They’re big enough to let air through and small enough to keep mosquitoes out.explains François Capitaine who assures that his invention is 100% effective against the tiger mosquito, ” this has been validated by a WHO accredited laboratory“.

What does not pass either, and this is where all the innovation is, is the heat. The holes are shaped in such a way that they produce a venturi effect.

“It’s a very well-known process from physics” specifies Nathalie Captain. ” The air is accelerated in the hole and the pressure decreases which lowers the temperature. At 20 degrees the temperature remains the same.

But at 29 degrees there will be a drop of 4°, i.e. the air that will enter inside will be at 25° and the hotter it is outside, the greater the temperature difference will be. important”.

The couple, she a physicist, he a specialist in materials chemistry, spent a few years developing the product. Supported by the start-up incubator Unitec and by the Aquitaine Region, they obtained aid of 20,000 euros to manufacture their prototypes.

The engineering school where they graduated, ENSCBP, agreed to host their first workshop.

They launched the marketing in 2020, just at the start of the health crisis after investing in a machine that allows them to drill openings in a very precise way. They won’t tell us which one for fear of being copied.

What we lack today is notoriety. We need to make ourselves known to develop in France and internationally“François Capitaine is confident. He sells to individuals but also a lot to local authorities.

They are interested in nurseries, retirement homes, collective kitchens for health reasons but also for safety because they are extremely solid walls designed in polycarbonate, a material 800 times more resistant than glass. This is the material used for airplane cockpits or spectacle lenses“.

Nathalie and François offer all kinds of models, fixed, sliding, doors…

Mine cost me just under 200 euros“reveals David, the medical intern.

The couple of inventors should not have too much difficulty breaking into the market. The scourge of the tiger mosquito is indeed not ready to disappear…

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