Info alert, this scam on Google Shopping is wreaking havoc, beware!

If you are looking for a sofa, you have probably seen this ad, since deleted but remained for weeks in the first results of Google Shopping, which displayed the sale for around 360 euros of a convertible sofa.

A sofa that is never delivered

Concern: Once paid, the product was never delivered to customers. The Vehrnex company, at the origin of these offers, would have defrauded nearly 700 individuals, explains the Numerama site in an investigation released on May 3, 2022. Google itself had not realized anything, since it would have very well classified the product whose comments, all bogus, extolled the merits, indicated the site specialized in new technologies.

The victims would have all been reassured by the existence of a site, today unavailable, but still visible via the online archive site Wayback machine A fake customer service which answered before remaining silent, and more than one A hundred reviews on Trustpilot, a very complimentary customer review site, would have tipped the scales in favor of the purchase. Thus, many consumers like to inquire on the forums before buying when they have a doubt and this is where the scammers have been very clever because they have written fake reviews. Nobody could imagine this stratagem. Tens of thousands of euros have been defrauded with this system.

A well-established scam

Numerama indicates, in its article, the responsibility of the platforms which led to the scam, including Google Shopping, or Cdiscount which registered Vehrnex as a reseller when it was a scam. Contacted by several media, CDiscount had not reacted, while a spokesperson for Google indicated that it took “dishonest commercial practices” very seriously, considered a “flagrant violation” of its rules.

The latter said that the site had begun to extend identity verification to all advertisers. Trustpilot clarified, for its part, to take “all possible actions against manipulated comments” and “against the sale of opinions”.

Beware of scams

On Objeko, we often have the opportunity to tell you about the scams that are numerous on the net. We have been able to talk about fake bank advisers who supposedly ask you to make transfers. Reports have had the opportunity to talk about this theme on television which interests many people. On the net, scams and fraud are numerous and often at the forefront of innovation.

We can cite the grazers who are based on the African continent and who try to contact Europeans and ask them for money. People receive emails from people pretending to be gendarmes or police officers accusing the person of having committed offenses and demanding money. It’s a regular scam these days. Many radio or TV programs talk about topics related to scams. This is of great interest to the general public. A man has made it a specialty, it’s Julien Courbet. On RTL and M6, the man comes to help consumers who have been cheated or defrauded.

Faced with this situation, individuals contact Julien Courbet and the latter calls the people who have made a mistake. For example, building contractors may have done work that was unsuccessful. It’s always a very funny moment.

But unfortunately, some people find themselves in very precarious situations because of scams. This was the case with the case of a betting site. A company offered individuals to invest in an online betting site with the certainty of making money, but it was a scam and the courts are investigating this. Do not hesitate to file a complaint in the event of a problem, it is the best way for the scammer to be put out of the circuit. Objeko will warn you against the risk of scams. The crooks are always very imaginative but you should know that the police also work a lot to thwart the scams and the justice system also does its job.

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