Info alert: do not consume this well-known product targeted by 60 million consumers

In March 2022, the magazine 60 million consumers informed customers of the dangers of a product marketed in stores. The product in question was supposed to be palm oil free, yet its label stated that it contained it.

A misleading indication

Despite the vigilance of manufacturers, some products arrive on the shelves with certain defects. These can present a danger to the consumer. On the other hand, an error in the information provided on the label can also mislead the consumer. This constitutes a serious danger in the event of an allergy.

Fortunately, several benevolent associations exist to inform the French. Among them is the magazine 60 million consumers. As soon as there is confusion, the latter does not hesitate to share the information. This was particularly the case in March 2022. The magazine’s journalists spotted a product containing a harmful substance and released it on the Web.

It was Primevère brand margarine. Indeed, this product had to be palm oil free. Upon verification, this was not the case. On the front of the label was marked “Without palm oil”. However, looking at the back of the product, it says the opposite. Confusing information. 60 million consumers have therefore sounded the alarm.

” Find the mistake ! The mention “without palm oil” is displayed in large on the tray, but we can read on the back “contains palm oil”. With or without palm oil? Primevère explains to us that this is a printing error and guarantees that this margarine does not contain any. And leave the products on the shelves. What leave the consumer in confusion, ”posted the magazine on its site.

This false information on the packaging obviously annoyed many Internet users who cried foul.

“And one consumer less! I won’t buy any more. What a shame ! “, “Not surprisingly, for 2 years, what is false has become true and what is true has become false. One more example of ‘without’ but ‘with’,” reads the post’s comments bar.

It wasn’t the only time

If Primrose margarine has been spotted by 60 million consumers, it is obviously not the only product marketed with a misleading label. Many of them are on sale on store shelves. The magazine therefore invites consumers to exercise caution before buying, it is always necessary to check carefully, and in case of contradiction, it is better not to take.

For information, false selling is punishable by law. Those who practice it can be sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros. Sanctions which are reinforced if the deception harms the health of consumers (up to 7 years in prison, and a fine of 750,000 euros).

Regarding palm oil

Present in many products, palm oil is in fact a calamity. Not only is it bad for your health, but it is also harmful to the environment. Indeed, as the WWF association explains, the cultivation of oil is disastrous for the planet. It promotes the emission of greenhouse gases and leads to a loss of biodiversity.

It is also best not to consume too much of it. The reason is that it contains a high level of fatty acids (35% more fatty acid than olive oil). Fatty acids that can lead to heart problems and strokes.

Product recalls

While labeling errors are common, in some cases it may be an error. This is why the distributors have set up an operation aimed at informing customers. This operation is called “product recall”.

The number of recalled products continues to increase every day in France. Thus, to keep consumers informed, the government has designed a site that lists all the products affected by a recall. This is the Rappel Conso site which was launched in April 2021 by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF).

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