Inflation: meat prices continue to rise, here is the one that will now be the most expensive…

For several months, meat prices have been soaring. There is even talk of a level of inflation rarely observed in France. A new collateral effect of the war in Ukraine… but not only!

Just like finding sunflower oil or mustard, eating meat has become a luxury. In one year, prices of frozen meat products would have increased by 4.2%, as announced by 60 million consumers in its latest issue. At the end of April, we even reached a historical record in Francewith an increase of 5.23% in one month for meat. And as confided Jean-François Guilhard, President of the French Confederation of butchery-charcuterie-caterers, at the microphone of RMC, this figure could still inflate…

Why are meat prices rising so much in France?

The meat will continue to increase for several months, explains Jean-François Guilhard. There are two phenomena that explain it: the drop in production, because some breeders stop their activity because they are not sufficiently remunerated, and the energy phenomenon, with for example the increase in fuel oil for tractors. The two combined make that there is a significant increase.

Add to that animal feed production (wheat, corn, sunflower, etc.), which is “very affected by the war”as pointed out by 60 million consumers; Russia and Ukraine are indeed important exporters of these commodities.

Chicken, veal, beef… which meat has suffered the greatest price increase?

+2.5% for chicken, +3% for veal… If the prices of white meats increase sharply, it is beef which is experiencing the greatest increase :

Beef had already jumped by more than 6% in 2021. It continues to rise this year to reach an unprecedented level, due to the soaring world prices of raw materials used in beef feed, can we read in 60 million consumers.

A clear increase that Jean-François Guilhard nevertheless considers essential:

Beef took 1€ per kilo in one year. We can think that it is important but it is quite simply necessary to perpetuate our breeding in France and to be self-sufficient.

Not sure that’s enough to satisfy meat lovers…

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