in the Ardennes, a baby receives 20 doses of BCG vaccine by mistake

A maternal and child protection (PMI) doctor in Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes) made an overdose error during the BCG vaccine for a three-month-old baby on June 23. He would have injected him 20 times the dose indicated for his age, explains The union Monday. This vaccine is no longer compulsory in France but simply recommended.

Indeed, the baby would have received approximately 1 ml of vaccine against the recommended 0.05 ml. The doctor immediately realized his mistake. Distraught, the parents of the child then immediately went to the emergency room with a prescription overdose certificate and a note explaining the error in the child’s health record.

No sequel?

But despite these two documents, the exact quantity injected has not been confirmed, so no treatment could be prescribed for the baby. Parents have been advised to watch their child closely for several weeks and to ensure that an abscess does not form at the injection site.

Although an immunology professor assured them that this overdose was not serious and that the child should have no sequelae, the parents filed a complaint against the doctor.

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