In the absence of an iCar, Apple is launching a new CarPlay that we want in all cars

During its WWDC 2022 conference, Apple announced a total overhaul of the CarPlay application. And the changes make people dream and promise a revolution on board compatible cars.

Apple CarPlay would have become, in the eyes of the Cupertino company, an argument for choosing its car. And judging by the new features that are coming, we can easily understand it. During its keynote related to WWDC 2022, Apple revealed what the Apple CarPlay of tomorrow will look like, and it promises to be revolutionary.

It’s simple, Apple wants CarPlay to become your car’s ecosystem, not just a support portal used on the secondary screen – dedicated to infotainment. The idea is to put an end to the dusty interfaces of manufacturers, who do not have sufficient software background to offer a modern experience. Apple CarPlay is coming in the iOS 16 update.

The new CarPlay was presented at Apple’s WWDC // Source: Numerama screenshot

How Apple wants to revolutionize the driving experience with CarPlay

First major change: Apple CarPlay will no longer only be reserved for the secondary screen, but for all the screens present on board. Apple obviously promises adaptation to the different panels installed by car manufacturers, since nothing is universal. The objective is to ensure visual continuity between all the screens, and to have the impression of driving while taking advantage of a complete ecosystem. Apple promises an immersive, fully integrated iPhone experience — as if CarPlay was designed specifically for your car. We easily approach what Tesla offers with its in-house operating system (which, moreover, does not accept CarPlay).

WWDC 2022 –  June 6 _ Apple 42-14 screenshot
The new CarPlay was presented at Apple’s WWDC // Source: Numerama screenshot

The first images are really inspiring. The future Apple CarPlay will no longer be content to be a simple means of access to applications available on your iPhone (Spotify, Waze, etc.). It will become an interface in its own right, designed to provide all the information essential to driving: from the speed, of course, to the fuel gauge, or engine speed or even the oil level – all in real time (the car communicates directly with the iPhone). We can also control certain crucial functions, such as those related to the temperature on board. The experience can be personalized, whether in terms of layouts, icons, colors, instrumentation elements or widgets (calendars, weather, etc.).

However promising it may be, the new Apple CarPlay may however be limited to certain cars. For the moment, the brands announced as partners are: Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, Lincoln, Audi, Jaguar, Acura, Volvo, Honda, Renault, Infiniti and Polestar. And we imagine that only the most recent models will be 100% compatible…

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