In Pont-l’Abbé, the Italian restaurant Pappi is resisting – Pont-l’Abbé

Since April 11, the new Italian restaurant Pappi, installed in place of the old Penalty, is always full. “The novelty effect is in play, so we don’t get carried away, recognizes one of the two managers, Frédéric Baron, a graduate of the hotel school. We are aware that there are still things to improve”.

The duo he forms with his friend Lionel Leparoux, a former carpenter and passionate about cooking since his childhood, is not unknown since he successfully ran “La Cuisine” in Sainte-Marine. “We both live in Pont-l’Abbé and we’ve wanted to work here for a long time,” says Lionel.

More than a restaurant, a place to live

Pappi (for papounet in Italian) is a bar, restaurant, grocery store, take-out. But it is above all, according to its creators, a “place to live”. Fifteen months of work were needed to transform the former bar into a bright space with natural and vintage decor: green wall, olive tree planted in the middle of the tables, large cypress counter handmade by Lionel, antique furniture and accessories, not to mention a 1960s caravan. “We want people to feel good here, for the children to be able to play,” explains Frédéric. Various activities are planned: flea market on Saturday morning (you can buy everything in the restaurant), concerts and themed evenings, Italian raclette party, etc.

Products coming directly from Italy

In the kitchen, fewer surprises. “Italian cuisine came as a matter of course, because it is a generous cuisine, which speaks to everyone”, argues Frédéric. Pizzas, fresh pasta, homemade desserts, extensive cocktail menu. The most lies in the quality of the products coming mainly from Italy. “The product is the main thing,” says Lionel. If it’s good, we can’t miss it, the taste is our priority”. The rest of the food (fish, clams, meat, fruits and vegetables) is local.


Pappi, 12 rue de la Gare, Pont-l’Abbé. Reservations: 02 98 87 58 32. Instagram: pappitrattoria. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., closed Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday noon.

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