In New York, the LGBT+ community distraught over the progression of monkeypox

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Monkeypox continues to spread in the United States. New York has the most cases as authorities struggle to deal with them: not enough vaccines and limited medical care. A situation that provokes the anger of the affected communities.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

In front of New York’s neighborhood clinics, the queues sometimes stretch for several blocks. Appointments to get vaccinated are almost impossible to get. So today, many are denouncing the inaction of the authorities in the face of monkey pox.

Monkeypox is spreading like wildfire, alert this man. Last weekend, a friend of mine waited a long, long time outside a clinic with hundreds of people, because the system bugged. And the main problem is that they don’t have enough vaccines. »

Another adds: I know people who have smallpox right now and can’t get medicine to relieve the pain. And I know others who have tried four times to get an appointment for a vaccine, to no avail! »

Twenty-six thousand doses of vaccine this week

Since the appearance of monkeypox in the United States, more than 700 people were affected in New York. Numbers that are increasing very rapidly. And while anyone can be infected, the LGBT+ community is the hardest hit. This Thursday, July 21, the association Act Up organized a rally in Manhattan to demand better care. Many fear a new stigma. ” People are scared because of the HIV epidemic of the 1980s-1990s. They are afraid that homosexuals are perceived as carriers of diseases. »

Faced with criticism, the authorities promise to increase vaccination capacities in the coming days. Twenty-six thousand doses of vaccine are announced for this week.

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