in China, a superb Apple-style Nikon store

If Nikon sells its cameras and lenses through specialized stores around the world, the manufacturer has recently opened two spaces in China, combining shop, showroom and place of exchange. The last “Nikon Direct Store”, as the brand calls them, just opened at Guanghzouand wishes to rethink the photographic creation experience.

In 2020, Nikon China adopts a new concept “Empower to create” (give the power to create, in French). Behind this slogan hides the desire to present its new productsin particular its Nikon Z hybrid range, to young Chineseby offering them places of unique experience.

© Nikon China

For this, the manufacturer launched the Nikon Direct Storeplaces that want to be more welcoming than traditional photo shops. The first Nikon Direct Store opened in Shanghai in October 2021, on Huaihai Road, a shopping alley where Chinese youth meet to shop and stroll. For the record, this street was called Joffre Avenue formerly part of the French Concession of Shanghai.

Here are some photos from the Nikon Direct Store in Shanghai (credit Wen Studio):

Today, a new Nikon Direct Store has just opened in Guanghzouon the 3rd floor of Zhengjia Plaza, and here are the first pictures of the interior.

© Nikon China

This Nikon Direct Store, whose design was entrusted to Lukstudiois inspired by shape of a lens, with a circular arrangement. In the center, there is a exhibition area of ​​classic cameras and lenses from Nikon, presenting the history of the century-old brand, created in 1917. Since the cases and optics are not under glass, it would seem that it is possible to manipulate them: a godsend for collectors.

Of course, the entire catalog of lenses and bodies sold by Nikon is available to try in store, the goal being for Nikon to break down the barrier between selling and testing a camera or lens. A service area is also offered.

As is the case with some brands like Apple, a training space (the “Nikon Creative Camp”) offers photographers, whether or not they are Nikon customers, the opportunity to participate in free workshops or classes with professional photographers. Photographic walks in the neighborhood are even planned, to approach certain techniques or test the equipment in real conditions.

Note also the presence of a entire section of wall dedicated to products derived from the brandsuch as tote bags, t-shirts featuring an optical sighting prism or the optical construction of a lens (tell us which lens it is in the comments), as well as other accessories like straps.

© Nikon China

Finally, this Nikon Store has a gallery spacewhich will present the images of professional photographers, but also the images of amateurs who have posted their photos in the “contest” section of WeChat app “My Nikon”.

© Nikon China

We also notice a a nod to optical expertise manufacturer, since the word “Guangzhou” is displayed in Chinese on a decorative wall made up of 627 objective lenses.

© Nikon China

As we can see, Nikon China doesn’t do things by halves and offers a full experience in these brand stores, which combine a showroom, a place of training, a museum and a service centre.

If you’re in Guangzhou, check out the Nikon Direct Store at Zhengjia Plaza, open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. In Shanghai, the Nikon Direct Store is located at 372 Huaihai Middle Road.

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