How to Use Your iPhone as a Remote for Android TV or Google TV

Google started rolling out the new Google TV app for iOS users as an update to the old Google Play Movies & TV app. With the new app, iPhone and iPad users will be able to use their devices as a remote control for Google TV and Android TV. Additionally, the Google TV app will also bundle streaming services and work seamlessly with Google’s Chromecast.

Google TV allows users to rate the movies and shows they have watched to get better future recommendations. Additionally, users can connect their Google TV to their favorite streaming services to bring all their media together. However, some major streaming services are still not supported, including Netflix. On top of that, users can now create individual profiles for Google TV, which improves the overall experience.

iPhone and iPad users can start enjoying the new Google TV experience by downloading the app from the App Store or updating the Google Play Movies & TV app if they already have it. After downloading the app and logging in, users can use their iOS or iPadOS devices as a remote control by pressing the Remote icon. Then they can press theFind devices option.

Use an iPhone as a remote control for Google TV

After the scan is complete, users need to follow the on-screen instructions on TV and iPhone/iPad to complete the pairing. After pairing Google TV/Android TV with an iPhone or iPad, users can start using their mobile devices as a remote control with an Android-like experience. Google TV users will need to sign in with their Gmail on both devices, and if the pairing process fails, users will need to check their Wi-Fi connection first and then they can try restarting the device. It should be noted that the entire connection process relies on Wi-Fi, so users must use the same network on both devices.

The Google TV app is a complete hub, and using it as a remote is one of its features, not the main usage scenario. Users can use this app to get recommendations on all their streaming apps and create a unified watchlist. Finally, Google TV users can also watch their media through the app, especially if they purchased it through Google. It is also possible for Google TV users to download their media to watch offline. It should be noted that users can connect the same Android TV, Google TV and Chromecast on multiple devices. For example, users can use their iPhone as a remote and use their Android device as a remote at a different time.

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