How to treat yeast infections?

fungus treatment

Fungal infections happen frequently and getting rid of them can be a real headache. If sometimes medication is necessary, there are other treatments.

Cutaneous mycoses

These appear on the skin or in the folds: arms, legs, armpits, between the toes… They appear as red circles, or oozing folds. In addition to the unattractive appearance of the latter, they can especially scratch a lot. He has them treated quickly, because like all mushrooms, they risk spreading. Moreover, it is important not to touch them, so as not to risk then transferring them to another part of the body, if you forget to wash your hands. You will find treatment creams in pharmacies, available with or without prescriptions.

The best way to get rid of a yeast infection is impeccable hygiene.

  • wash regularly your sheets and bath towels
  • don’t lend your things
  • Change clothes every day
  • Don’t wear no shoes without socks
  • At the swimming pool, don’t go barefoot

Fungal infections genitals

Again, the most effective treatment is with antifungals. Here, we combine a cream and egg, if it is a vaginal mycosis.

Impeccable hygiene is essential:

Again, the most effective treatment is with antifungals. Here, we combine cream and egg, if it is a vaginal mycosis.

  • Wash with a neutral pH soap.
  • Wear cotton underwear, never synthetic
  • Men or women, wear condoms during your intercourse, so as not to transmit the mycosis to your partner
  • Take probiotics to rebalance the flora.

Regarding the natural remedies that can relieve itching, there are several types:

  • L‘coconut oil : it is a natural anti-yeast and acts as both an antifungal and an antibacterial. It decreases inflammation. Put coconut oil in a teaspoon with 1 drop of tea tree essential oil. Soak a cotton ball and tap the infected parts, 2 to 3 times a day.
  • yogurt : Soak a tampon in yogurt, introduce it gently into the vagina and leave it for 1 hour. You can also apply it directly without cotton. In addition, consume it regularly, because it is an excellent probiotic, which will promote good bacteria in the stomach.
  • Propolis : antibacterial, it destroys fungal infections. It also stimulates the immune system.
  • Garlic: It is fungicidal and antibacterial. Cut one or two cloves of garlic, in a glass of water. Let it soak and drink this concoction in the morning.

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