How to soothe the skin after mosquito bites? 3 methods that work

With the arrival of fine weather, insects such as mosquitoes can disrupt our daily lives. They are the worst enemies of our summer evenings because of their bites which cause unpleasant itching, redness and pain. Even if they are often benign and disappear after a few days, there are natural solutions to soothe your skin from mosquito bites during this period and relieve you.

Discover three natural methods to soothe your skin after a mosquito bite. You can use natural ingredients to relieve yourself without harming your health.

mosquito bite

A mosquito bite – Source: spm

For those who are unlucky and get bitten very often by mosquitoes, these natural remedies could help relieve you and soothe your itching. Instead of buying multiple chemical products to reduce your pain and stop scratching, try these tips made with natural ingredients. These simple remedies will reduce your itching and make it more bearable.

– Lemon as a remedy to relieve a mosquito bite


Lemon – Source: spm

When you get bitten by a mosquito, you just want to scratch. Indeed, after a bite, the body naturally secretes histamine, a substance that develops in response to the injection of mosquito saliva. It is a natural reaction of the body that makes you want to scratch uncontrollably. To soothe your itching, you can use lemon. Take a cotton ball and soak it with the juice of a lemon. Then, dab your mosquito bites with this cotton. This should relieve you and reduce the urge to scratch. It is also not recommended to scratch your mosquito bites as this can cause lesions or irritation.

– Aloe vera gel to fight against itching after a mosquito bite

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel – Source: spm

Consider aloe vera gel to soothe your itching after a mosquito bite. With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera will disinfect your mosquito bites. In addition, its cooling effect will calm your itching. For this, use the gel extracted from a leaf of an aloe vera plant.

– Cold to relieve your itching after a mosquito bite

The feeling of cold can help soothe your pain and itching after a mosquito bite. You can use a washcloth and fill it with ice cubes for relief. Apply the glove to areas of your skin affected by mosquito bites. This technique can soften your itching.

In order not to be the next victim on the list of mosquitoes, it is advisable avoid wet areas or areas with standing water. When the first heats appear, you can protect your skin by adding a repellent solution to your daily routine. Choose a product that is effective over time, suitable for all climates and geographical areas. You can use natural products like lemon eucalyptus essential oil or lemongrass essential oil from Java. Also favor light and rather loose clothing to avoid attracting these pests.

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