How to set focus time in Google Calendar?

Do you ever need to sit down and work? You know how difficult it can be to concentrate due to distractions such as meetings, phone calls and unscheduled visits. Google Calendar’s Concentration Time feature can help.

With this feature, you can spend time studying your report, responding to your emails, or updating your data. This way, anyone with access to your calendar can see your blocked time. One of the fantastic features of Focus Time is that you can automatically decline meetings by sending a personalized note to the organizer.


Set Focus Time in Google Calendar

Setting up a tune-up time is as easy as scheduling an event in Google Calendar. Currently, you can create the Focus Time event in Google Calendar on the web, but not in the mobile app.

Start by selecting Day or Week view from the drop-down list at the top of the page. The feature also works when using a custom Day view, such as three, four, or five days.

Display options in Google Calendar

Click on the date and time of the tune-up time you want to schedule in your calendar. Choose “Focus Time” as the event type at the top of the pop-up window.

Schedule focus time in Google Calendar

The event appears with a headset icon on your calendar.

Focus time in Google Calendar

You can click “Save” to save the focus time or enjoy additional options below.

Program repeated tune-ups

If you plan to set up a tune-up time at regular intervals, such as daily from 4-5 p.m. or only Friday from 2-4 p.m., you can repeat this event.

In the event pop-up window, click the date and time section to expand it. Then use the Does not repeat drop-down list to choose the time.

Repeating event synchronization options

If you choose “Custom”, you can select specific days of the week, a day of the month, and when the repeating event should end.

Custom time for a repeating event


Automatically decline meetings

Check the box to automatically decline meetings if you want to use this feature. Then choose either only new meeting invitations or both new and existing meetings.

Automatically decline meetings

When you save the event, you will be asked to confirm that you want to decline meetings during the focus time you set. Click “Save and Decline” to confirm.

Confirm automatic rejection of meetings

Customize the rejection message

To add a custom note instead of using the default message for declining meetings, click the text under Message and type your own.

Meeting decline message

If you receive a meeting request during your focus time, the organizer receives your message and your rejection by email.

Meeting decline message in an email

They also see your event post in Google Calendar.

Meeting declined message in Google Calendar

Create notification

Another option you can set for Focus Time is a reminder. You can get a notification so you don’t forget that the tune-up time is approaching.

Click the section with your name at the bottom of the event to expand that area. To the right of the bell icon, use the drop-down list to set the notification duration. You can choose between a few minutes and a day before.

Notification time options

If you choose “Custom”, you can select the exact minutes, hours, days or weeks.

Custom notification options

You can also have multiple notifications if you want. Just click “Add notification” to include another one.

Optional Items for Focus Time

In addition to the above settings, there are others you can use for your Focus Time event. These options are similar to those for a normal event.

Modifiez le titre.
Ajoutez un lieu.
Ajoutez une description.
Joignez un fichier.
Sélectionnez une couleur d'événement différente.
Ajustez la visibilité par défaut.

Each of these items can be found in the event pop-up window.

Other Focus Time Settings

You can also edit an existing Focus Time event using the pencil icon or delete the event using the trash can.

When you need to get something done, let others know or use the time blocking method of time management by scheduling focus time yourself in Google Calendar.

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