How to lose your contract with Apple, a lesson by BOE

It took years for BOE to convince Apple to trust it to supply OLED screens for the iPhone. It was finally with the iPhone 13 last year that the Chinese manufacturer began to send its panels to Apple, which is also supplied by Samsung and LG. But in February, BOE was suddenly dropped from the list of iPhone suppliers, The Elec told us earlier this month. There was no particular quality problem, but BOE would have committed an inexcusable fault in the eyes of Apple: modifying the design of its screen without even warning its client.

iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro (future sizes of iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14)

Still according to sources from The Elec, BOE would have enlarged the width of the thin-film transistors in order to increase its rate of return and therefore save money. Fatal error: BOE would have tried to send high-ranking emissaries to Cupertino to explain the reasons for this technical change, but Apple would now have a problem of trust. The 30 million tiles that Apple had planned to order from BOE for the iPhone 14 could thus be redistributed to Samsung and LG… unless Apple takes advantage of this incident to renegotiate its contract downwards?

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