How to get your website ranked on Google?

Do you think being in the top positions of Google results when a user searches is essential for your business to enjoy so many positive benefits?

A steady stream of visits, more leads left, more issues resolved. These are just a few of the benefits of positioning on Google.

If you want your company to obtain this visibility and this role of authority on the web, you must absolutely devote yourself to the positioning of the company’s website.

Google is the search engine of choice for 95% of users worldwide, which is why working on your visibility on Google is essential.

Have you ever tried to write content but failed to enter the first page? Do the technical measures seem too difficult to implement? You do not know where to start ?

To succeed in this business you have to have in mind the elements that make it possible to obtain good positions and then you have to turn to an expert who puts everything into practice. Remember that if you make mistakes in even one of these areas, your site could be penalized.

If you are already convinced that you want to dig deeper into this very important aspect of your business, you can book a consultation immediately. We will study together the current situation of your website and I will give you personalized advice to help you position your site.

If, on the other hand, you need more information on the discipline of web marketing that deals with just this, that is to say the famous SEO, continue reading.

Why is your site’s ranking important on Google?

Let’s start with a practical example to understand the importance of a good SEO on Google.

Suppose you are looking for a route to travel by bike in Switzerland. Go to Google and type in “Best cycling routes in Switzerland”.

What results will you see? You will definitely open the first three or four links, then read the titles of the remaining homepage content on Google to see which ones inspire you the most.

If you are very interested and have a lot of time to spend on research, you might be able to get to the first results on the second page. But neither you nor I can lay our hands on the fire to say you will.

Understandably, this is the behavior of most users. When they perform a search on Google in order to obtain information that removes a doubt or meets a need, they will focus on the first results they get.

Here is the importance of being on the first page

Some time ago we talked about being part of the famous “golden triangle”, that is to say the first three results of the first page. Today this universal truth is outdated, however it is still imperative that your pages appear among the first.

More users means more potential customers and more sales made, never forget this sequence.

And how to get the best positions on Google?

That’s a great question!

Please contact an expert to immediately get an idea of ​​everything you need to appear on the first page of Google.

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