How to easily charge your Tesla Model 3?

You have bought a Tesla Model 3 or you dream of doing so, but you have some practical questions, especially about charging… and you are right! In this article, we answer your questions: Charging your car, how does it work? How to do it ? Where to go ?

A bit of theory to start…

First, know that you can find Superchargers in a whole bunch of places frequented, and frequentable!

For example, shopping malls, hotels. And you can even find public infrastructures, in which to charge your Tesla Model 3. We also advise you to preheat your battery upstream, for improved efficiency at the charging stations.

The search for these begins from inside the vehicle: you can, via a voice command or directly on your screen, find the list of available Superchargers, with their maximum power. A tab is also accessible directly on the screen.

Via a list from which you can select charging zones, you will easily find:

  • the number of terminals available,
  • charging power,
  • the price.

All the useful information, what!

Regarding occupancy costs, there is a time limit not to be exceeded – beyond that you are billed – to allow a certain rotation and the fact of not taking the place of other users (when more than 50% terminals are already used).

How to set the load limit? Also on the screen, you will find a tab that allows you to access the state of charge of the vehicle. Here you can schedule the departure and set the charge limit for your battery.

For simplicitythere are two choices:

  • the “everyday” (90%),
  • “travel” mode (100%).

There is no point in using the full capacity of the battery, you just need to optimize your trip as best you can with the different terminals available.

And now, time to practice!


With the new vehicles, you no longer have the problem of the power being halved, when there are two of you on a charger (it’s done for, but the power doesn’t follow). If you have an older model and there is space on the charging area where you are, do not hesitate to leave a gap with other vehicles.

On a CCS combo as found, use the bottom socket to charge your Tesla Model 3.

For Model S and X, this is the other charger. The appropriate socket will allow you to recharge faster and continuously.

Then, when the correct grip is in hand, press the flap directly to access the load. Otherwise, press the button on the charger and the valve opens. Again, there are two ways to do this, choose your favorite! If you want to protect your charging port, do not hesitate to buy protection, it is very easily found on the Internet.

Once everything is plugged in, the plug closes to prevent accidental unplugging while charging, and the Tesla logo appears in flashing blue. This allows to recover lots of data, including your bank details, the place of loading, in the first place, as well as the price of the load. All this data is displayed directly on the screen of your Tesla.

The car is loaded, what is happening on the screen? Three important pieces of information are then displayed:

  • the remaining charging time,
  • load power,
  • current autonomy.

Note so as not to be surprised: the more the autonomy increases, the more the power decreases. The charge works like a bottle that is filled to avoid damaging the battery with too powerful a charge.

You might think that the charge is slow, but if you rely on the number of kilometers you gain in a short charging time, the effect is simply wow. In less than an hour, you can easily recharge your electric car.

How do I keep busy while my Tesla is charging?

Charging time is minimal. It is systematically less than an hour and more often runs around 10-30 min. If we haven’t waited too long, of course! There is a whole host of entertainment accessible from the Tesla screen, including recent games. Parking mode is activated, so nothing can happen to your car. You can then interact and play with users from all over the world: it’s still fun!

If you want to relax in other ways, enjoy Netflix, Twitch, and Youtube (Premium stable connection is useful for that!).

Once charging is complete, click on the dedicated tab to unlock the socket. On the charger, the Tesla logo turns white. Remove the plug and the flap closes.

On the road again!

Public office

The easiest way to charge your Tesla Model 3 is to opt for a ChargeMap badge: 20€ and your bank details are pre-registered. In addition, you have advantages, such as easy access to available charging stations!

Arrived in front of the terminal, grab the type 2 cable and insert the small end into the charging station. If you ever forgot your cable, you can opt for a domestic socket (very different, and lower charging power).

Then open the hatch from inside or manually (as with superchargers). Plug in and wait for the clip to be sure the socket is properly seated – and no poor contact exists. You can then place your ChargeMap badge on the terminal, wait for the beep, and the light turns green! You are now in charge.

To note : public terminals are sometimes degraded, but ChargeMap reacts quicklyment.

Again, you can rely on the screen informing you of:

  • the power delivered by the charger,
  • the remaining time,
  • your battery percentage.

However, the price is not displayed because you are not logged in the same way than with a Supercharger. However, you can view your bill directly on the ChargeMap app.

Little reminder : you have :

  • 11 kW of power on most public terminals,
  • 3 kW with the household socket,
  • 18 kW maximum, otherwise.

We hope to have been clear and to find you as soon as possible in new articles on electric cars and, more particularly, Tesla and its excellent models.

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