How to Disable Media Key Support in Google Chrome

Google Chrome supports media keys on some operating systems; this allows users to press hardware media keys, usually on the device keyboard, to control media playback in the Chrome browser.

Chrome users who didn’t want to could disable the feature via an in-browser flag. Flags are experimental features that can be integrated into Chrome later or removed without leaving an alternative.

In Chrome 101, users noticed that Google removed the hardware media key management flag from the experimental page without adding an option to Chrome. Has Google removed the flag and decided to remove the option?

It seems that is not the case. According to this pledge on the Chromium Gerrit site, Google plans to restore the flag in Chrome 102 next month and extend the flag’s expiration date to Chrome 113.

Google notes in the commit that the experimental flag is popular because it is the 10th most used custom flag in the browser.

Extend hardware-media-key-handling indicator expiration

This flag is still the 10th most used custom flag on the desktop and we haven’t yet found a good solution to make it an actual setting. Kick the box for now.

The Chromium developers plan to add disabling media keys as a setting in the browser, but they haven’t decided how that will happen yet.

Chrome users who have the flag set in previous versions of the web browser can temporarily restore it in Chrome 101 by enabling “Temporarily unexpired M100 Flags”; this restores flags that were removed in 101 if they existed in version 100 of the browser. Starting with Chrome 102, it is no longer necessary to keep this flag enabled as the official media key management flag will be restored in this version of the browser.

Final words

Google hasn’t released a timeline for bringing the option into Chrome, but it seems likely that it will happen before the release of Chrome 113. Although Google may expand the flag again, if it can’t decide how the option is added to browser settings, it seems unlikely to take that long.

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