How to create a Google alert?

Be aware of the latest developments in a criminal case, monitor the release of a new car model, control your presence on the web… With Google alerts, you are informed by email as soon as the famous search engine finds results that may be of interest to you.

To create an alert, simply go to Log in to your Google account, as your Gmail email address is where you will receive alerts. On the “Alerts” page, Google suggests alerts on various subjects (business, finance, politics, music, etc.). Just click on the cross to add them to your alert list. In the “Create an alert about…” field, you can fill in a subject that interests you and then click on “Create an alert”. For example, Renaud, if you are a fan of the singer.

You can then also configure your alerts by clicking on “Show options”. In the menu that appears, Google offers you to adjust the frequency of alerts, the sources, the language, the region, the number of results and the mode of sending alerts. The list of your alerts appears in “My alerts”.

You can modify or delete them by clicking on the pencil or the trash respectively. The toothed wheel opens a menu that allows you to define the time at which you wish to receive alerts. By checking the “summary” box, you will only receive one email (…)

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