How to blur a house on Google maps Street View?

Launched in May 2007, Google Street View is a feature developed by Google to enrich its Google Maps and Google Earth services.

It is a virtual navigation tool that allows you to display 360° panoramic views of places located on public, urban and rural roads. Among the images displayed, you can see views of your home if these were previously recorded.

When the photos taken don’t suit you because you want to keep your privacy, Google offers to blur them.

Experience the procedure in this post to know how to blur your house on Google maps Street View?

What is Google Maps?

Software launched in 2005, Google Maps is a global map service that allows you to geolocate a specific location, measure the distance between multiple points, and find the nearest destinations of interest. The service is available by default on all Android smartphones and tablets, on the web and in the Apple App Store. This free application, designed by the American company Google, is full of very useful features.

In fact, the software makes it possible to find any place on the globe, to visualize the traffic in real time, to know the fastest means of transport and the route to follow. Even better, the application makes it easier for individuals and businesses to physically identify themselves. It is thus possible to send your exact location to a third party so that they can find you without problems.

In addition, the American giant has supplemented its Google Maps service with new functions. You now have the opportunity to take a virtual tour through the streets of cities and towns with great precision and a 360° panorama thanks to Street View. The views displayed by Google Street View are actually images collected by vehicles with cameras called Google Car. These are therefore views previously taken and recorded during vehicle movement.

Given the accuracy of the details displayed by Google Maps Street View, the service has been the subject of some controversy. Indeed, issues of confidentiality, security and privacy are constantly raised by users. Because of this, Google has developed algorithms that automatically detect and blur faces and license plates. However, this solution is not enough to preserve the privacy of the people whose homes Google shows.

To permanently solve this problem, Google offers to blur the view of your home on Street View. To perform this operation, the procedure is quite simple. Go to the Google Maps application and fill in your address. Tap the associated image to activate Street View visualization. Next, place the mouse in front of the home, then select the Report a problem option at the bottom right.

Adjust the view precisely on the elements to blur (house, garden, gate, etc.) and then click My Home. Finally, enter your email address to allow Google to contact you. The latter will ask you for some additional information to validate your request.

The different views on via Google Maps

Google Maps offers several types of views for virtual navigation. We find in particular Google Maps satellite, Google Maps Street View and Google Maps 3 D. These different views make it possible to visualize the different dimensions of a phenomenon with precision.

Google satellite map

Google satellite map

In satellite mode, Google Maps makes it possible to visualize the spatial dimension of a phenomenon.

You have the opportunity to visualize interesting places, equipment, monuments, tourist sites and other infrastructure.

In addition, the service makes it possible to discover the surroundings, the locations and the different addresses of a restaurant, a supermarket or any other element found on the virtual map.

Google Maps Street View

Google Maps offers to switch to Street View mode for a virtual journey in the streets of cities and towns. Thanks to this function, you can see a 360° panorama of many tourist sites around the world, prepare a route with zoom or find parking spaces. In addition, Street View allows the professional to show a panoramic view of their shop front or shop window to their potential customers.

Google Maps 3D

The American giant’s service also allows you to display an immersive 3D (three-dimensional) view of the destinations you want to visit.

You thus have the opportunity to discover the view from above of any destination, like a drone or a bird.

In 3D mode, you can find smooth zooms and transitions, 3D buildings and other details.

Other Google Services

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