How to already have the new change that Google has made to Chrome on Android

Google is focused on improving the Chrome browser, regardless of the platform it is used on. This proposal is already the most used on the Internet and the obvious choice for anyone who wants to browse the largest network in the world.

With simple but very effective changes, Google has been able to meet this desire. The proof is now with a change that is almost invisible on Android, but which has a significant impact. See how you can already have this change and make Chrome even better.

Chrome’s interface is one of its great assets created by Google. With unique simplicity, users can get all the information or manage this browser with just a few mouse clicks without any effort.

How to bring change to everyone?

With an interesting novelty, Google has prepared a change that arrived with version 101 of this browser. It gives the user the freedom to choose what items they can have in the Chrome bar on Android. To activate it, start by opening the address chrome://flags/#adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar-customization.

This option should be disabled and the user only has to make it active. Chrome will then ask the user to restart, which should be done immediately to make this option immediately ready to use.

Choose what they want in the Android interface

Now that this feature is enabled, the user can choose which button they want to enable next to the address bar. This option gives users the freedom to choose or let Chrome make that decision. Then open the Android top menu and choose the Settings option.

Continue with the setup and then choose the shortcut option from the toolbar. Here you have 4 options, and only the one you want to activate should be chosen. Chrome gives you the choice between voice search, sharing or new tab. There is still there is also the Usage Based option.

See what this new feature will look like in Chrome

The change is immediate and gives the user the freedom to choose what they want. Of course, giving Chrome the ability to configure it based on usage is the easiest option and the one that gives the most freedom to change based on what each user is using.

Those who wish, according to each taste, can choose the button that suits them best. In this way, the interface is perfectly adjusted to each taste and each specific use.

This is a change that Google has yet to announce for Chrome on Android. In the meantime, they can already have access to this novelty and use the interface of this browser in an even more dedicated and personalized way.

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